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 *About Exchange of Seeds
The highlight of Chinese clivia lies in its “leaves”, while that of foreign clivia is the diversity in its flower color and gestures. It is a necessity and must for a marriage of these two kinds of clivia. A perfect marriage of “leaves” and
 *2008 Shenyang China Clivia Festival
The China Shenyang Clivia Festival will be hold on April 30th 2008, the festival will be sponsored by our city government.1.Time : April 30th 2008 -----May 5th 2008 (6 days)2. Venue: Shenyang
 *2008 Changchun China Clivia Festival
The 5th China. Changchun Clivia Festival will be hold on March 28th 2008. There will be many friends to attend this show from many countries. Now, I welcome all friends go to China and visit my garden.
 *One of My New Greenhouse and Garden
One of my new greenhouse and garden is finished in August 2007. This my new greenhouse is in the east of Shenyang city, which is 2,000 square meter. Outsite this greenhouse, it is my new garden. Please view the following photo:
 *China Shenyang International Horticultural Exposition
On 1 st September 2004, Shenyang was officially approved to hold 2006 China Shenyang International Horticultural Exposition (category: A2+B1, professional international Expo) at the 56 th conference of the International Associatio
 *Internationalization of Clivia
Since the discovery of African continent in 1928, Clivia has bloomed and borne fruits in numerous countries like Ch
 *Comparison and Development of Foreign and Domestic Clivia
Clivia, valued as an elegant and precious kind of flower, has been planted in Africa, Europe, America, Oceania, and Japan and South Korea of Asia.For a long time, the foreign and domestic Clivia have developed on different roads.
 *Friendship between gentlemen, sincerely inviting you for an inspection
As an ancient Chinese saying goes that it is a great delight to have friends come from afar. It is itself really a delight and anticipation for those with the same love for Clivia to come from the end of the earth for communicating and makin
 *My Clivia in China
Through more than thirty years of persistent pursuit, Mr. Cui has made great achievements in such aspects as Clivia culture and appreciation, planting skills, cultivation and development of new variety. Mr. Cui is a very famous
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