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 *S80 Seven Variegated $3
 *S79 Seven Variegated of Good Veins $30
 *S78 Variegated with Veins $15
 *S77 Yuanyang Clivia (50/50 variegation) $5
 *S76 Short Leaf Variegated of Pearly Veins $10
 *S75 Round Tip Jade $10
 *S74 Short Leaf Variegated of Pearly Veins with Pink Flower $60
 *S73 The Widest Yellow Round Head $30
Width: 15CM Length: 26CM. Best leaf shape, pure yellow leaf. As we know, near all the clivias are green leaf, so the clivia with yellow leaf is very rare. In China, we call it yellow leaf. This plant is a widest yellow round Head,
 *S69 Erect Shot Leaf of Top Veins $80
It is the fourth generation of the short leaf of easter square. The short leaf of easter square is very famous mother plant in China. Its characteristic is Erect leaves, best veins and best leaf shape. Many famous clivias
 *S68 Erect Short Leaf of Good Veins $30
 *S67 The King of Pearly Veins $100
It is my top top top clivia, also named Mini Short Leaf of pearly Veins. It has won so many prizes and honors for me in China. And the photos are exhibiting the mos
 *S66 Super Light of Buddha $50
It is a very meritorious mother plant in my garden. Many of LOB in my garden are its babies. It is 10.5CM width and 12CM length. And its gene is very strong. Many of its babies are following its genes. It is really a meritorious
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