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 *S51 Yellow Monk with Good Veins $40
Leaf Width: 12CM. Yellow leaf
 *S47 Gold-ingot Jade with Big Flower $200
 *S46 Tiger Variegation Light of Buddha
It is tiger LOB, very very rare.
 *S44 Gold-ingot Jade $30
 *S43 Painted Face of Good Veins with Green Throat Flower $150
 *S41 Short Leaf of Veins with Green Throat Flower
 *S37 Fulun Clivia with Good Veins $40
 *S30 Mini Roundtip Monk $100
 *S18 Gold-ingot Shortleaf with 8-petal flower $50
Gold-ingot means that its seat shape is very good, thickset and wide. The flower is 8-petal or 9-petal, which the floret is 100 mm in diameter.
 *S12 Perfect Shape Roundtip Shortleaf $50
 *S10 High Quality Roundtip Jade $50
 *S8 High Quality Shortleaf Engineer
There are regular distinct veins on the leaves just as single holes.
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