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 *What is the difference between Monk and Daruma
Monk strain was introduced into China about 70 years ago, whereas Daruma strain (in China we call it Ribenlan, means Japanese clivia or "Ribenlan" in Chinese pronunciation) originated in Japan and was intruduced into China about 18
 *Light of Buddha (LOB) in China
Light of Buddha (LOB) is a new type of variegated clivia with transverse stripes or patches on the green leaves.
 *Why doesn't the adult plant bloom?
There maybe many reasons result in this phenomenon. But mostly will be these causes: 1.Not changing the planting media for a long time. This will result in a lack of phosphorus fertilizer and other elements.
 *What cause the root's rot and how to deal with this case?
It is often said that the roots of clivia rots. The commonest reasons will be the five listed below: 1.High temperature and waterlogging. Watering the plants chronically and heavy will made the roots soak in the
 *The Good Temperature For Clivia
The clivia's habitate is South Africa, they grow very well in semi-tropical forests where the average temperature is about 10C ~ 22C. So keeping a similar temperature is very good for clivi
 *Sesame----a good organic fertilizer for clivias
 *Why do the leaves crinkle?
There maybe mostly 2 reasons. One is because the plant has the genes of C.Sparrow or C.Heng or Ranchang, just because the crinkled leaf is a characteristic of these types . But now, the clivia which has crinkled leaves is commonly regarded
 *How to control the florescence?
Controlling the florescence of the clivia plants is currently for the sake of 2 objectives. One is for the need of pollination. For example, if you have a valuable father plant and it is now drawing out the “flower bud”,
 *How to sow seeds?
 *Pot must be suitable for plant
To insure that the plant can grow well,you must select suitable pot for it. Here,how to choose the pot for your plants has been itemized below:
 *Keeping Seeds
You must air the seeds before storing them.After airing,it is better to store the seeds as soon as possible.If you would not store the seeds for a very long time ,you can keep the seeds in the containers such as glass bottles,plastic bottles
 *How to pollinate?
(A pleasure in cultivating clivia) 1. Prepare tools as below: (1)Alcohol(to clean brush) (2)Enough pyxises(to store capsules) (3)Dsiccant(to keep pollen dry)
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