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 *Cultivating Adult Plants
The adult plants needs more nutrition then earlier.If the plants went short of nutrition,they will appear weakness,no flower or a low rate of fructification.To insure that the adult plants can grow very well,you shall attach importance to fe
 *Cultivating 1year-old Seedlings
These seedlings are over 1 year old,often have 4 to 6 leaves as many as their roots.You can repot several seedlings in one flowerpot,usually 2~3 plants in a 13cm(in diameter) flowerpot.Now,the air temperature should better be about 20°C
 *Cultivating Seedlings
The word “Seedlings” here means those young plants which are only half a year old. The seedlings ordinaryly have 1 to 3 leaves.They like sunlight and a comparative high temperature.Therefore,the air temperature should bet
 *Classification of the chinese variegated clivias
In China, we classify the variegated clivias according to the characteristics of the distributing of the colorful variegated strips on the green leaves. There are different types of Chinese Variegagted Clivia. The most familiar types are fou
 *Appreciation of the Leaf
About 50 or more years ago, the Chinese Clivia breeders started to perfect the looks and shape of the Clivia miniatas and came up with a dwarf plant that does not resemble the typical South African Clivia miniatas.
 *Guide to the Classification & Exhibition of Clivia
By Roger Dixon & Keith Hammett Introduction The genus Cliv
 *About The Width of Pure Chinese Clivia's Leaves
When the pure chinese clivia is still a seedling, its the leaves will be thin , by contraries, the hybrids which have genes of C.Heng and Daruma will appear wide and very short leaves. The le
 *Ten Standards in Appreciating Chinese Clivias
Now, in China, we appreciate the leaves more than flowers. So, the best Chinese clivias are those of which leaves are very beautiful and accord with <Ten Standards in Appreciating Clivia in China>. These standards inv
 *Good vein (Ma Lian)
"Malian" is a word in Bopomofo of Chinese, which means the leaf's surface is very accidented , i.e. the veins on the leaf surface are very thickset and protuberant.It is a new general designation of the clivias which have
 *Good parent plants will bring out comparatively good offsprings
Some one says that good parent plants will not bring out good offsprings. But what I will persist in is that good genes will mostly bring comparatively good quality offsprings with good appearances,
 *Types of Clivia's Leaf Variegation
There are now about 7 types of clivia's leaf variegation in the world,i.e.Fukurin,Shima-fu,Akebono,Tora-fu,Genpei-fu,Naka-fu,Negishi-fu.These names are all japanese names,because they are recognized by japanese breeders.In China,t
Henglan is actually a hybrid of japanese clivia and chinese Shortleaf-Roundtip.Its characteristics are more like those of japanese clivias.
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