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 In China,we call this C.Sparrow,just because its tips and shape are like the beak of sprrow.Its leaves are commonly about 110mm wide ,140mm long, 3mm thick,with wrinkled leaves.Its shape is very small.
 *Types of Chinese green Clivias

There are 14 genus of chinese green leaf clivias. please read the detials.

 *Another new species of clivia
Clivia Robust Clivia Robust's taxon was not offically described until the year 2004.This sort of clivia was found in South Africa just as other species.The area where it grows is usually sandy, acid
Now,I will introduce a particular clivia's variety to you,its name is Mirabilis.Recently,a new variety of clivia was discovered in Northern Cape, South Africa, its name is Mirabilis.
 *the genus of clivia
At present,there are five species of Clivia described, namely nobilis,miniata,gardenii,caulescens and mirabilis,Another speciy describe
 *Standard in Appraising the Chinese Clivias
During the rein of the last emperor (Pu Yi, the 10th ruler of Qing Dynasty), clivia was introduced to Chinese people. As time
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