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 *V154 Gold-ingot Jade
(already sold out)
 *v129 Variegated of Good Veins
Already Sold
 *v120 Gold-ingot Jade
Already Sold
 *V86 Roundtip Jade
Price: us$2000
 *V71 Super Gold-ingot Jade
Price: us$3000 (already sold out)
 *V70 Super Roundtip Jade
Price: us$3000
 *V65 Gold-ingot (50/50 variegation)
Price: us$2000 (already sold out) My best Variegated Clivia. It has four characteristics. Its first characteristic is th
 *V63 Mini Sparrow Variegated
Price: us$1500 (already sold out)
 *V35 Super Mini Light of Buddha
 *V33 ShortLeaf Light of Buddha
Price: us$5000
 *V10 Fulun Clivia
Price: us$2000
 *V9 Fulun of Good Veins
Price: us$5000
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