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 *G77 The mini King of Pearly Veins
USD 1,000
 *G69 Shortlelf Of Dragon Head
(already sold out)
 *G71 The King of Pearly Veins
Price: USD3000
 *G70 The King of Pearly Veins
(already sold out)
 *G65 Broadleaf Green Throat Pink
(already sold out)
 *G56 Broadleaf Green Center Pastel
Price: USD500
 *G53 Dark Bronze with Green Bar on Back
(already sold out)
 *G52 Broad Leaf King of Veins in-depth (Genghis khan)
(already sold out)
 *G51 Short Leaf of Good Veins with Keeled Picotee Flower
(already sold out)
 *G50 Super Mini
Offset Price: USD200 per offset
 *G49 Good Veins Green Flower
(already sold out)
 *G48 Mini Broad Leaf Yellow Flower
(already sold out)
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