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 *Chinese clivia stamps
 *Appreciation of the Leaf
About 50 or more years ago, the Chinese Clivia breeders started to perfect the looks and shape of the Clivia miniatas and came up with a dwarf plant that does not resemble the typical South African Clivia miniatas.
 *About The Width of Pure Chinese Clivia's Leaves
When the pure chinese clivia is still a seedling, its the leaves will be thin , by contraries, the hybrids which have genes of C.Heng and Daruma will appear wide and very short leaves. The le
 *Ten Standards in Appreciating Chinese Clivias
Now, in China, we appreciate the leaves more than flowers. So, the best Chinese clivias are those of which leaves are very beautiful and accord with <Ten Standards in Appreciating Clivia in China>. These standards inv
 *Standard in Appraising the Chinese Clivias
During the rein of the last emperor (Pu Yi, the 10th ruler of Qing Dynasty), clivia was introduced to Chinese people. As time
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