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The China Clivia Website is established by Mr. Cui Guichang (Cui is his familiy name , Guichang is his given name ), a famous Chinese clivia expert and a senior professional horticulturist. Mr. Cui has planted and cultivated clivia since 1970s and has developed many new clivia varieties through decades of meticulous studies.
At the beginning of 1970s, he was dedicated to the studies on cultivating the leaves of green clivia and the varieties developed by him are famous in China for its “Short, broad, thick and bright in leaves, clear in stripes, compact in shape, and tessellated in veins”. He has successively developed many new varieties like Short Leaf, Painted Face, Engineer, oil carpenter, Round tip, monk, Sparrow clivia, Good Veins, Henglan, Daruma and etc.
In the 1980s, he begun massive planting and cultivation of variegated clivia which not only inherits the good characteristics of green clivia, but also has numerous features like “7-color variegated in leaves and diversity in flowers” through more than a decade of cultivation. Light of Buddha, fulun clivia, 7-color   variegated, 5-color variegated, variegated with protruding netted raised veins, gold-ingot jade and round-headed jade were successively developed.
In recent years, he has dedicated himself to the cultivation and development of new color varieties, striving hard for a combination of the accumulated Chinese advantages in “leaves” and the foreign advantages in the diversity of “flowers” to create a new variety fusing “Chinese leaves”, “Chinese colorful leaves” and “foreign diversified flowers” together.
“Oriental Pearl ”, a fine Chinese clivia variety developed by him, has received many awards at Chinese clivia exhibitions with its features like golden and bright leaves, top-quality veins, hard, thick and wide leaves, and robust shape. Especially on the 2000 Anshan International Flower Fair and Third Anniversary of Clivia Exhibitions in China, his Chinese clivia “Palm Treasure” won the gold medal and received high opinion and great love from vast numbers of Chinese clivia lovers.
More important, Mini Short Leaf of pearly Veins ( The King of Pearly Veins), the top Chinese clivia variety developed by him, has won so many prizes and honors for him in China. And the photos are exhibiting the most important honor, The Extraordinary Gold Medal in 2006 Shenyang Chinese Clivia exhibition.
Clivia planted by him sells well in China and is exported to regions and countries like HK, Japan and Philippines. He is a famous Chinese clivia expert and scholar. Owing to his contribution to the development of Chinese clivia, he and his products are included in many books like Galaxy of Chinese Clivia Masters and Fine Products.
In recent years, he has worked hard on the colors of clivia flowers and invested large amount of money to develop and cultivated clivia flowers with various colors of Chinese characteristics. He believe what is the Chinese belongs to the world and sincerely hopes that clivia experts and scholars from all around the world will visit his garden for inspection, negation or cooperation.

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