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My Clivia in China

China Clivia  Mr Cui [Font Size 16 14 12]
Through more than thirty years of persistent pursuit, Mr. Cui has made great achievements in such aspects as Clivia culture and appreciation, planting skills, cultivation and development of new variety. Mr. Cui is a very famous Clivia expert in China and enjoys great prestige and credit within the Chinese circle of Clivia. Through efforts, he has to built a very extensive and effective Clivia sales network in China. In any place accessible to letters from Shanghai, HK in the east, Yunnan, Hainan in the south, and Harbin, Changchun in the north to Tibet and Sinkiang in the west, there is his Clivia planting and growing there. These years, with the coming of Information Age, his Clivia has been exported to Japan, Korea and many countries in southeastern Asia and received great recognition from the overseas Clivia lovers. Besides, he has conducted much cooperation and communication with such countries like South Africa, America, Belgium, Australia and New Zealand in such areas as development of new variety, marriage of domestic and foreign Clivia, and exchange of Clivia seeds.

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Mr Cui

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