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On 1 st September 2004, Shenyang was officially approved to hold 2006 China Shenyang International Horticultural Exposition (category: A2+B1, professional international Expo) at the 56 th conference of the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH). The Expo will take place from May 1 st to October 31 st , 2006, altogether 184 days. Sponsored by People's Government of Liaoning Province, Ministry of Construction of P. R. China, Ministry of Commerce of P. R. China, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), China Flowers Association, and the Expo is to be organized by People's Government of Shenyang and co-organized by Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture and Chinese Association of Park. The Expo will be held in Shenyang Qipanshan Tourism Resort. With the completed South Zone and the North Zone that is under construction in Shenyang Botanic Garden as core areas, the construction for the International Expo will be undertaken and extended to the east and south. The total planned area is more than 5 sq. km, which occupies the largest area compared with previous International Expos.

The construction for the International Expo will be divided into two blocks, Gardening Zone and Entertainment Zone, which is consisted of four parts:

•  Gardening show

This is the core of the International Expo, which will be designed and developed further to the satisfaction of AIPH. The construction includes square at the main entrance, 2 outdoor gardens (International Garden and Domestic Garden), 2 indoor exhibition halls (Comprehensive Hall and Tropical Rainforest1 Hall), 20 theme gardens, Feature Flower Street and Green Valley.

•  Leisure and Entertainment

An entertainment zone will be constructed in the extended area in the east of the Botanic Garden, which will be decorated with flowers, grass and trees, integrating art of gardening with leisure and entertainment, materializing a larruping style of gardening. The landmark architecture is the big performance square, agricultural gardens of different countries, amusement park, children's elysium , miniature of world landmarks, world custom street and movie city, etc.

•  Comprehensive service

This part will be integrated into the landscape architecture, which includes tourist reception center, large parking lot, souvenir shop, flower trade center, food street, café and bar, etc.

•  Exhibition and activities

Colorful activities of variety will be organized to attract tourists from home and abroad, including celebrations, performance, exhibition and trade, academic exchange , contest and awarding and entertainment, etc.


We coexist harmoniously with nature

We, together with the nature, constitute the world. Human, blessed with thinking, wisdom and emotion; nature, made up of grass and woods, animals, mountains and waters are all living creatures. We are environment for each other. Harmony makes coexistence possible and coexistence makes future bright.

“Harmoniously Coexistence with the Nature” is our allegation, beckon and stance. It is a great wisdom of promoting Material and Spiritual Civilization with Eco-Civilization and it is the foundation for the sustainable development of human being.

Location of the Expo

2006 China Shenyang International Horticultural Exposition will be held in Shenyang Qipanshan International Scenery & Tourism Development Zone, 20km from the urban area. With Shen-Qi highway (6 lanes), Ma-Song highway, Ji-Xi adjusted highway, Shen-Fu North and Shen-Fu railway meet in this area, the transportation is convenient.

Qipanshan International Scenery & Tourism Development Zone, covers an area of 190 sq. km. Beautiful sceneries changing with times are called by tourists “the original copy of traditional Chinese landscape painting”. The Expo will be held in the center of the previous Shenyang Botanic Garden, covering 2.46 of land as the core area and, 5 as the background zone.

The background Zone of the Expo

The background area is to be connected with the Hunhe water system and the core area of the Expo, including an island of 0.6 The background area will be built into an ecological zone, and the island will be built for bird protection

Core area of the Expo

Shenyang Expo will cover 246 ha. of land, which occupies the largest area compared with previous International Expos.

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