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Comparison and Development of Foreign and Domestic Clivia

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Clivia, valued as an elegant and precious kind of flower, has been planted in Africa, Europe, America, Oceania, and Japan and South Korea of Asia.For a long time, the foreign and domestic Clivia have developed on different roads. In China, focus has been laid on the value of “appreciating leaves” while taking no notice of the development of leaves; in foreign countries, on the contrary, attention has been paid to the development of leaves, while neglecting the cultivation of flower appreciating value. While the Chinese people has developed the Clivia with tiny, long and disorder leaves into a fine and precious kind of flower with orderly, rigid, broad and round leaves, the foreign people has rendered the beautiful flower of Clivia more colorful.

In a word, the leaves of Clivia have undergone a fundamental change in China, while the colors of its flowers have got greatly enriched.

Exchange between China and the outside world has enlarged the vision of each other: we get surprised about the diversity of flowers in foreign countries, they about the achievement we have made in the cultivation of the leaves. They feel amazing that we can develop the leaves in such a delicate way that more than ten items of requirements can be satisfied.

During the comparison between foreign and domestic Clivia, one common point has been found that the Variegated Clivia is unanimously viewed as a brand with the greatest appreciating value. Just as what one foreign expert on Clivia says, “most people like plants with colorful spots, so even if the Variegated Clivia does not have flowers, its leaves with colorful veins still has great value for appreciation.

By comparison, I think great complementary advantages have existed in the development of foreign and domestic Clivia. The Chinese side has reached a peak in the development of leaves and plant shapes, while the foreign side owns absolute superiority in its cultivation of flowers. Strengthen the efforts in communication and cooperation between China and the outside world to combine flowers and leaves together in an organic way, bringing the development of Clivia into a fresh world and pushing it to a new height.

I believe that the perfect Clivia should be one whose flowers can be appreciated in a quarter, fruits in three quarters and leaves in four quarters, and a perfect combination of the Chinese “leaves” and the foreign “flowers”. The new development of Clivia will be achieved in the international exchange between China and the outside world.

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Internationalization of Clivia