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Internationalization of Clivia

China Clivia  Mr Cui [Font Size 16 14 12]

Since the discovery of African continent in 1928, Clivia has bloomed and borne fruits in numerous countries like China, America, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand and Japan through nearly a century of development. The development of Clivia in each country has its own characteristics, but due to the limitation in many factors like language and distance, the lack of international communication has become a bottleneck for its communication and development. Echoed with this good opportunity in the coming of information age, we strengthen efforts in the international communication on Clivia, making due contribution to a better and more extensive marriage and development of Clivia within the world. The following is the sketch map for countries where Clivia are developed. We sincerely hoep that our communication and cooperation can be the same direct, simple, effective and smooth like these lines.

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Mr Cui

Comparison and Development of Foreign and Domestic Clivia
China Shenyang International Horticultural Exposition