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the genus of clivia

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At present,there are five species of Clivia  described, namely nobilis,miniata,gardenii,caulescens and mirabilis,Another speciy described nately, referred to as the C.Robust, is found in southern KwaZulu-Natal. 


The nobilis's leaves are very stiff and rough,they are strap-shaped,about 300-800 mm long, 25-50 mm broad. The leaf tip is very obtuse . its flowers consist of 20-60 little flowers which are peduncle. The flowers are dark orange with green tips, but vary from pinkish yellow to dark red . its berries usually contain 1 to 2 seeds covered in a distinctive purplish-red membrane, the mature red berries take about 9 months to ripen. The radicle produced by the germinating seed is very thin, about 1.5 mm thick. 

C. miniata

In natural populations,miniata usually not more than 50 mm wide , rarely up to 90 mm. Usually about 1 metre in length, leaves have been measured that reached 1,84 m.In the wild flower shapes vary from small and open with narrow tepals to large and trumpet-shaped with broad overlapping tepals. The inner tepals are usually broader than the outer tepals. The normal colour of the flowers is orange with a yellowish-white throat, although a colour range from whitish yellow through pale oranges, dark orange and approaching red . The very light and very dark colours are, however, rare. The flowers are borne in an umbel supported by a peduncle which clears the leaves, and the umbels can have in excess of 40 flowers, although 20 is more usual. The seeds are carried in berries which can have from 1 to more than 20 seeds in a berry, although less than 10 is the norm. 


Gardenii are usually between 800 and 1300 mm in height.its Leaves are bright green, 350 to 900 mm long, 25 to 60 mm wide, narrowing to its has an extended flowering season, late Autumn to mid-Winter. Flower colour is orange-red with pronounced green tips; but varies from yellow to brownish red. The flowers are more curved and not as pendulous as caulescens or nobilis. Usually one or two large seeds are found in each of its berries. The berries ripen in the following winter after about 12-15 months.


It is usually 500 mm to 1500 mm in height. Mature plants form long, leaf-bearing aerial stems up to 1 metre and more with age, reaching up to 3 m in exceptional cases.The soft, smooth and pointed leaves are arching, between 35 and 70 mm broad and 300 to 600 mm long. Flowers mainly in spring and summer. The flowers are pendulous, coloured orange-red with green tips.The round red berries, which contain 1-4 seeds and are 9-13 mm in diameter, ripen in winter, after about 6 months from pollination.

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