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Now,I will introduce a particular clivia's variety  to you,its name is Mirabilis.
Recently,a new variety of clivia was discovered in Northern Cape, South Africa, its name is Mirabilis.

It usually grows in humus between cracks in sandstone talus of rock screes, either as solitary individuals or in small groups, in light woodland of Afromontane evergreen forests.Some plants also grow in full sun but these plants usually show signs of water stress with dried leaf tips.  Most plants are shaded by cliffs till mid-morning, after which they receive full sun.  The area where Clivia mirabilis endemic to experiences a semi-arid Mediterranean climate with a winter rainfall regime.

The leaf of Clivia mirabilis  shows a median white striation as compared to the pure green leaves of other Clivia species.

The rapid autumn maturation of berries in about 5 months contrasting that of C. miniata and C. gardenii (usually take 12 months), and C. caulescens and C. nobilis (about 9 months) to coincide with the winter rainfall.

    C. mirabilis is a newly discovered species whose identity was only confirmed in February 2001.  As the natural habitat of this species now enjoys maximum protection and no population is known outside the Oorlogskloof Nature Reserve, C. mirabilis remains extremely rare in cultivation.  In cultivation, C. mirabilis enjoys a humus rich medium and a half-shady environment.  Taking into account its semi-arid habitat, the species would prefer a fairly dry condition during summer months.

Mr Cui

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