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Another new species of clivia

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Clivia Robust

Clivia Robust's taxon was not offically described until the year 2004.This sort of clivia was found in South Africa just as other species.The area where it grows is usually  sandy, acidic, highly leached and often shallow .According to concerned articles,"it occurs commonly under natural forest cover, in or near water in a marshy environment, with some populations growing in seepage areas on or below cliffs in humus‑rich soils. In swampy places, plants occurred in big clumps with individuals as high as 1.8 m with buttress roots, but those in dryer, rocky habitats are noticeably 'stockier'".

Clivia Robust is the biggest clivia, which can grow up to 1.8 metres high, with an aerial stem of up to 450 mm with buttress roots when growing in swampy conditions. Its smooth soft leaves are rounded at the tip, and some have a faint median stripe. The leaves are 300-1 200 mm long and 30-90 mm wide, with a non-pigmented leaf base.

Clivia Robust flowers in late March to early August (Autumn - Winter in South Africa), the 15 - 40 orange-red with green tip pendulous tubular flowers are borne on reddish changing to green pedicels. Its berries are round and red, which often contain up to 4 seeds,and it will take 12months for its ripen.

I have collected 5 seeds of Clivia Robust this year from South Africa,and the seeds have had just germinated not long ago.Now the sprouts are very lovely with their first born bright green leaf.

Clivia Robust only has its English name,as I introduce it into China,I shall name it in chinese!But it bring problems,for example,how to name&name by what?Finally,I took a simplify way,name it by its existent environment ,just because it grows very hearty in swamp areas.

Picture from Clivia Society

Mr Cui

Guide to the Classification & Exhibition of Clivia