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picture from Wayne (Victoria Australia)
on Yahoo Clivia-enthusiast

      In China,we call this C.Sparrow,just because its tips and shape are like the beak of sprrow.Its leaves are commonly about 110mm wide ,140mm long, 3mm thick,with wrinkled leaves.Its shape is very small.This type can bear hot temperatur,and is very adapt to be cultivated in hot areas.Sparrow clivia primely origined from a clivia's bud-aberrance cultivated by a clivia breeder in China in 1980's.
      This kind of clivia are not welcomed by clivia enthusiasts in our country,just because its wrinkled leaves and short life.But this does not foreclosed its function in historical alterating long leaves to short leaves in chinese clivia .
      Now it is only collected by few clivia fans who cultivate it qua a clivia type only or are still interest in it.I have one ,but it is a mini variegated hybrid between Sparrow and variegated,1.5 years old,with about 2cm width and 5cm length leaves.
      It should be mentioned that at present,wrinkled leaf-clivia has been washed out in the process of clivia's development.

Mr Cui

Types of Chinese green Clivias