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picture from Wu Jin on Clivia-enthusiast

        Henglan is actually a hybrid of japanese clivia and chinese Shortleaf-Roundtip.Its characteristics are more like those of japanese clivias.

        Its leaves are about 110mm wide and 120mm long,the  rate between length and width is 1:1 to 1:1.5,just like a leaf grow ,so we named it C.Heng.In chinese,Heng is a chinese word,which means thwartwise in English.

        The leaf of C.Heng's is thick,about 3.5mm .It usually crinkles  after the plant is about 1.5 years old(i.e.after the time when it has 7-8 leaves).

        In China,we have Longleaf-Heng,shortleaf-Heng and Mediumlength-Heng.Still,its shape is short and small.Using Mediumlength Heng as a parent plant,will give birth to to offsprings which can bear hot temperature ,blazing sunlight and adapt to be cultivated in southern in our country,its flowers' color are more vivid than its parent plants'. But because its umbilicus rots easily after bloom,and its wrinkled leaves do not accord with the Appreciating Standards of Chinese Clivia,and,more important,because of its genetic vice.We do not use it as a good parent plant,and so,it comes down in recent years.Now ,it is often sold as an ordinary commercial clivia but not a collect's to clivia fans in China.

        I have a Heng-Variegated too,which photo is attached below(the bigger one).Now it is 1.5years old,with leaves width about  4cm and length about 7cm ,just as small as my Sparrow.

        It should be mentioned too that Heng is a good farther plant to produce dwarf offsprings.

Mr Cui

Good vein (Ma Lian)