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Brief about varigated clivias

China Clivia  Mr Cui [Font Size 16 14 12]
In the 1980s, Mr. Cui begun massive planting and cultivation of variegated clivia which not only inherits the good characteristics of green clivia, but also has numerous features like “7-color variegated in leaves and diversity in flowers” through more than a decade of cultivation. Light of Buddha, fulun clivia, 7-color variegated, 5-color variegated, variegated with protruding netted raised veins, gold-ingot jade and round-headed jade were successively developed.
In this column, all the varigated clivias is only for appreciation, not for sale. If you want to purchase the varigated clivias, please go to the Variegated Auction.
For the sake of the convenience, we carried on a classification to the varigated clivias, one is Varigated mature for plants, abbreviated to V-mature, the other is Varigated young for seedings, abbreviated to V-young.
For searching expediently, we carried on a serial number in each classifications respectively here. For example, the 1st Varigated mature abbreviated to V-m1, the 1st Varigated young abbreviated to V-y2.

varigated Clivias

Mr Cui