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Good vein (Ma Lian)

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"Malian" is a word in Bopomofo of Chinese, which means the leaf's surface is very accidented , i.e. the veins on the leaf surface are very thickset and protuberant.
It is a new general designation of the clivias which have very accidented leaf surface, but it should be emphasized that the "Malian" does not include the clivias which leaves are crinkly.
Crinkly leaves often appear in the clivias which have the genes of Daruma or C.Sparrow or C.Heng or Ranchang(an old chinese type).
The Painter, Shortleaf, etc, may all be called  "Malian" if they have very protuberant veins, so when one says "Malian", it will probably means the appearance of the leaves, but I think it does not indicate the actual type of the clivia.

Mr Cui

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