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Ten Standards in Appreciating Chinese Clivias

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Now, in China, we appreciate the leaves more than flowers. So, the best Chinese clivias are those of which  leaves are very beautiful and accord with <Ten Standards in Appreciating Clivia in China>. These standards involve:

1.the rate of leaves’ lengh and width(3:1 will be the best),

2. shape of the leaf’s tips(round, like a cup),

3.color of the leaf( yellowish will be the best),

4.veins(very regular and protuberant)

5.brightness(bright like rubbed with oil will be the best), exquisite,

7.rigidity(hard and erective),

8.thickness(above 1.6mm will be the best),

9.shape of the base,

     good shaped base:

10.shape of the plant. Flabelliform will be the best.

The best Chinese clivia should accord with all standards listed above, so a very good one is  very very rare, so they are very very expensive, the best clivia will reach a price at about US$10000 and even more. Often a very good Chinese clivia breeder only have few very good Chinese clivias in his plantation. When you are aware these standards , it will not be a difficult thing for you to judge good ones from bad ones.

Mr Cui

Standard in Appraising the Chinese Clivias
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