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About The Width of Pure Chinese Clivia's Leaves

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When the pure chinese clivia is still a seedling, its the leaves  will be thin , by contraries, the hybrids which have genes of C.Heng and Daruma will appear wide and very short leaves. The leaves of pure chinese clivia's seedlings' will turn more and more nice while seedlings grow up, but the hybrids from Hengs and Darumas will do just contrarily, i.e. the surface will turn more and more rough, veins will be not clear, leaves are flipperty-flopperty and will tend to be wrinkled, etc. When the pure chinese clivias grow up, the leaves will be more and more broad.

This picture shows you a seedling which is a pure chinese type--Engineer-Shortleaf.

Now, its leaves are still thin and long.

The width of the leaves of an adult pure chinese clivia plant's will be 7~13cm. But will differ from different types. Some types will reach a width of about 10~13 or even more, such as Roundtip, Monk, etc. the others will be not as wide as these types, they will reach a width of 7~10cm, such as Painter, Shortleaf, etc. If you keep fertilizing the plants with nitrogenous fertilizer reasonably, you will probably get perfectly broad leaves. I think the bone dust is a very good organic nutrition for clivias. I am used to use this kind of fertilizer as well as stir-fried seeds of oil plants. You can have a test with them.

This picture shows you an adult plant of which the type is also Engineer-Shortleaf.

Now, in a certain, you can find the changes of the leaves from these 2 pictures.

Mr Cui

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