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Classification of the chinese variegated clivias

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In China, we classify the variegated clivias according to the characteristics of the distributing of the colorful variegated strips on the green leaves. There are different types of Chinese Variegagted Clivia. The most familiar types are four listed below:

1.Threadlike Variegated,such as "Jinsi"(spun-gold-thread-variegated) and "Yinsi"(silver-thread-variegated).

2.Colorized-zonal Variegated,such as Double Colored Variegated(white&green or yellow&green), Five-Types of-Colored Variegated(white,yellow,green,gray and darkgreen) and Seven-Types of-Colored Variegated(Kelly,green,darkgreen,yellow,white,gray,brawn),this is only one type of this classification.i.e Ordinary Colorized-Zonal-Variegated,there is another special type of classification,i.e.Special. Colorized-Zonal-Variegated, this type is classified mostly according to the position where the variegated strips lie on the leaves.there is Mandarin-duck Variegated which is the same as Japanese Genpei,Fukurin,and A-gleam-of-sky Variegated which merely have one needle-like white or yellow stripe on every green leaf.

3.LOB(Light of Buddha) or Akebono(Japanese word) which have yellow, white, greenish, darkgreen, gray strips on the leaves.

4. Classified according to the pure types of Chinese clivias,such as Engineer-Variegated, Painter-Variegated,Shortleaf-Variegated,Sparrow-Variegated,Heng-Variegated,etc.

There is still another new type of variegated which leaves have very regular and raised veins as been called "Ma Cai" , "Ma"is a Chinese Bopomofo which means good veined leaves,"Cai" is also a Chinese Bopomofo which means variegated.The variegated is a new type which appears not very longago in Chinese clivia's family.It has high valuae of appreciation and economic value.

Mr Cui

Types of Clivia's Leaf Variegation