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Brief about green clivias

China Clivia  Mr Cui [Font Size 16 14 12]
At the beginning of 1970s, he was dedicated to the studies on cultivating the leaves of green clivia and the varieties developed by him are famous in China for its “Short, broad, thick and bright in leaves, clear in stripes, compact in shape, and tessellated in veins”. He has successively developed many new varieties like Short Leaf, Painted Face, Engineer, oil carpenter, Round tip, monk, Sparrow clivia, Good Veins, Henglan, Daruma and etc.

In this column, all the varigated clivias is only for appreciation, not for sale. If you want to purchase the varigated clivias, please go to the Green Auction.
For the sake of the convenience, we carried on a classification to the green clivias, one is Green mature for plants, abbreviated to G-mature, the other is Green young for seedings, abbreviated to G-young.
For searching expediently, we carried on a serial number in each classifications respectively here. For example, the 1st Green mature abbreviated to G-m1, the 1st Green young abbreviated to G-y2.

Mr Cui