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How to pollinate?

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(A pleasure in cultivating clivia)

1. Prepare tools as below:

(1)Alcohol(to clean brush)

(2)Enough pyxises(to store capsules)

(3)Dsiccant(to keep pollen dry)

(4)Capsules(to store pollen).

(5)Small brush(to collect pollen and pollinate)

(6)A pair of forceps (to pick anthers)

(7)A magnifying glass(can be used in the pollinating process)

(8)Pen and labels(to mark the variety)

2. Select a seemly pollinating time.the good time is when the stamens must be mature. (mature stigma is trifid which has mucilage on it).

3. pick an anther from the flower of the plant you are to use as pollen parent with your forceps and rub the pollen onto the stigma. You can also use brush to dip pollen from gynoecias onto stamens.If you use brush,you should clean your brush by immersing it in alcohol and make sure that the brush is quite dry before pollinating. If the stigma is dry,you can apply sugar solution (six teaspoons to one cup of water). Moisten stigma and polliate after five minutes. 

4 .Mark the different variety of the flower pollinated and pollinating time.

5. You can use a pair of forceps to Collect pollen,i.e.pick the anthers into the capsules,then mark the name of pollen parent.

6. Leave your capsule in a dry place for at lease 48hours before putting into fridge . (According to some professional articles, The most fitting temperature of storing pollen should be between -18 and -20 ºC,and the pollen will be viable even after three years.)

7.clean the brush and do up other tools.

Mr Cui

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