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Sesame----a good organic fertilizer for clivias

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     There maybe no sesame in foreign countries. The sesame is the seed of a kind of oil plants. I use it as the organic fertilizer for my clivias, but it should be mentioned that the sesame can not be use unless you stir-fry it, or it will germinate in the planting medium. This kind of organic fertilizer which has abundant nitrogen and some other certain component/element, I think is a very good fertiliser for my Chinese clivias, because it can make the leaves more bright and exquisite and will also do good to veins. You can find the effect from the leaves which I show you in the pictures of the leaves of my another type: Old-Shortleaf. But a thing must be announced here that useing  sesame is not the decisive reason which results in leaves' brightness, it is the good genes that decide the brightness. The sesame, in a certain, is very helpful to enhance the brightness.


Mr Cui

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