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Why doesn't the adult plant bloom?

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There maybe many reasons result in this phenomenon. But mostly will be these causes:

1.Not changing the planting media for a long time. This will result in a lack of phosphorus fertilizer and other elements.

2.A bad root system will cause poor nutrition, therefore, the plant will not bloom.

3.Being short of water for a long time.

To improve the status and make the adult plants bloom again, you should:

1.Change the media termly(better 2 times per year, one in spring, the other in autumn) and add some fertilizers which have phosphorus, e.g. Bone meal, fish scale, etc.

2.Mix a bit more sand or small gravel into the planting media to foster the roots and make the roots renew as soon as possible.

3.Dip the pot in the water for a certain long time, do not water the dry medium directly because that will cause the water pour out from the cracks and the roots still can not draw the water. 

Mr Cui

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