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Light of Buddha (LOB) in China

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Light of Buddha (LOB) is a new type of variegated clivia with transverse stripes or patches on the green leaves. This cultivar was developed by Mr. Wu Bo, a famous clivia breeder. Mr. Wu told me that he found this kind of leaf color mutation quite by chance many years ago. At first, most clivia enthusiasts in China do not like this kind of variegation because they thought that they are suffering from a kind of disease similar to vitiligo, a skin disease in human. The leaves of original LOB plant is very narrow and long. Mr. Wu started a breeding program to cross LOB with Japanese Daruma (with very short and broad leaves, it was very expensive about 15 years ago). He use the Japanese Daruma as pollen parent because like other types of variegated clivias, the akebono variegation of LOB is maternal inheritance. However, Mr. Wu told me that the pollen parent also exert some impact on the akebono variegation of the progeny, this means that you can use another LOB plant as pollen parent to improve the variegation of the poor variegated LOB. That is the principle of complementation. Mr. Wu told me that about 80% of progeny of a LOB plant will show akebono variegation. However, at 1-4 leaf stage, the variegaton is not obvious and will become better and better later in its growth. According to a clivia book written by Mr. Wang Yongbao, about 8% progenies will show longitudinal variegation. In my opinion, this kind of longitudinal variegation is different from standard longitudinal variegation. One of my closest clivia friend bought two such seedlings about 3 years ago in spring. At that time, we knew nothing about LOB cultivar. He bought these two seedlings with 6 leaves as standard variegated seedlings for 65 US$ each. There were beautiful longitudinal variegations on the new leaves when he bought them. However, when summer came, the variegations almost disappeared and instead of clear longitudinal variegation, patches appeared on the leaves. Now, these two plants have grown up and they look like the mixture between akebono variegation and standard longitudinal variegation. Now, we call this kind of plants Variegated Light of Buddha (see picture below). It is heard that some clivia vendors sell this kind of LOB seedlings as variegated clivia seedlings because the latter is more popular and more expensive in China.

Mr Cui

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