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How to grow Light of Buddha?

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Considering that a lot of friends are quite new to the cultivar Light of Buddha (LOB), here I have some tips on how to grow LOB better.

Like other types of variegated clivias, LOB does not like too much sunlight, especially the white or creamy yellow portion of the leaves. However, if you put the plant in a poor lighted place, the color will be less attractive. So, give the plant moderate sunlight. Like most clivia plants, LOB also like moist environment. You can cover the plant with a translucent plastic bag or put the plant in a greenhouse to provide such environment and at the same time, control the amount of sunlight.

LOB plant is most attractive during winter and early spring. So, better put the plant in a heated greenhouse or a room with heating device. The best temperature during winter is 20 degrees Celsius during the day and 12-15 degrees Celsius during the night.

When growing LOB from seeds, you must be patient. The first few leaves may show little sings of LOB variegation, but after the 5-6 leaf stage, the akebono variegation will be more and more obvious. Some top quality mature plant LOB was nothing special when in its 2-4 leaf stage, but become better and better later in its growth.

Mr Cui

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