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About Henglan & Sparrow Clivia

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General information Henglan and Sparrow clivia are all mini-Daruma which were developed about 12 years ago in China. They used to be extremely expensive. One mature Henglan was once sold for 12500 US$ and one mature Sparrow clivia was once sold for 22500 US$. Now, they are still rare in China but the price has dropped sharply. From our new standard of appreciation of clivia, Henglan and Sparrow clivia are no longer top quality plants. However, those without wrinkles on the leaves are still expensive. You can find some pictures of Henglan and Sparrow clivia on Photo Gallary section of this website.

Henglan Henglan was developed by crossing Japenese Daruma with Chinese Short Leaf Round Tip. The main characteristics of Henglan are as follows:
a. The leaves are very short and broad, the ratio of length to width is around 1-1.5:1. The widest leaf can reach 100-120 mm, and the longest leaf is within 150 mm.
b. The tip of the leaves is round.
c. The leaves are easy to get wrinkled.
d. The scape is very very short and hidden in the crown.

Sparrow clivia Sparrow clivia was produced from a offset mutation of an ordinary Chinese clivia. The main characteristics of Sparrow clivia are similar to those of Henglan except that the tip of leaves of Sparrow clivia is sharp and looks like the beak of a sparrow. The leaves of Sparrow clivia are also easy to get wrinkled.

What is the value of Henglan and Sparrow clivia Now, Henglan and Sparrow clivia are grown mainly for their pollens because they possess very strong dwarf genes. Variegated Daruma and Variegated Henglan and Variegated Sparrow clivia are also produced by crossing ordinary variegated plant with green leaf Henglan and Sparrow (as pollen parent). However, the chance of getting ideal seedlings is low.

Tips on growing Henglan and Sparrow clivia Henglan and Sparrow clivia do not like cold environmen

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