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V65 Gold-ingot (50/50 variegation)

China Clivia  Mr Cui [Font Size 16 14 12]
Price: us$2000   (already sold out)
My best Variegated Clivia. It has four characteristics. Its first characteristic is the best shape of its leaves, very round, short and broad, just like Gold-ingot Jade. The second characteristic is 50green/50white variegation on its leaves, just like mandarin duck Variegated ( In China, we called it yuanyang Variegated, because always a pair of mandarin ducks live together.) The third characteristic is the highest contrast of green to white on its leaves. In China, we often call this best characteristic "white just as chinaware and green just as Chinese ink". The fourth characteristic is that its leaves is super bright, (more bright then any other Variegated) and appear some net veins.

Variegated Clivia

clivia seeds

clivia seeding

Mr Cui

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