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The media for chinese clivia seeds

China Clivia  Mr Cui [Font Size 16 14 12]

It is important that you must use pine sawdust to breed chinese clivia seeds. If you breed chinese seeds into soil, not sawdust, it is very likely gotten fungus to dead.

(1)Scald the sawdust with boiling hot water for about 3 minutes to sterilize.Then you sun the sawdust under sun shine to sterilize and dry. After dried, you can breed the seeds.

(2)Put the sawdust into the container.

(3)Put the seeds on the flat sawdust,then cover the seeds with sawdust (not higher than 1.5cm).

(4)Water thoroughly every 2~3day.

The seeds will germinate after about 23 days

The temperature need over 25.C. The most important of all, you must not take out the seeds from the sawdust. If you take out the seeds from the sawdust, it is very likely communicate bacilli and die. The air and your hands have many bacilli.

So there are three reason about attract a fungus.

1\ have not used the correct media.
2\ have not sterilize the media.
3\ take the seeds out of the media by hands, lead the seeds to exposure to the air.

when the seeds grow to seedings, please transfer them to soil. But you must use the correct soil which is used for chinese clivias. You need produce the correct soil by youself. Please see the following url to study how to produce a chinese clivia soil.

Mr Cui

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