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How to pollen?

China Clivia  Mr Cui [Font Size 16 14 12]
1. Select a seemly pollinating time. The good time is when all the flower is open fully and the pistils must be mature. (mature pistil is trifid which has mucilage on it). The best time for pollen is 10:00 AM.
2. How to distinguish pistil and stamen. Pistil is trifid, but stamen is six-headed. Please view the following picture.

clivia flower

3. Begin to pollen. Pollen is a easy work.
a. Pick a stamen from another clivias.
b. Use this stamen to pollen the pistils of the clivia which you want to make fruits.
Method: Make the pollen of the stamen touching each pistil. Please view the following photos.

1. You only need make very a little pollen of the stamen touching each pistil. If only there are a little pollen of the stamen touching the pistil, the pistil will be pollinated and make fruits. So a stamen can pollen many flowers. You can inmage, pollen is finished by bugs or bees in nature. So all the steps we do is simulating the pollen in nature by our hands. So only a little pollen can be pollinated to a pistil.
2. If using the needlepoint, a stamen can be used to pollenate more pistils. Method: Using the needlepoint to touching stamen for attaching pollen, then touching the pistil.
3. If the pistils are not mature, you can pollenate the pistils too. The pollen of stamen will survive to wait for the pistils to be mauture. And the clivias will be make fruits too. But it is better for fruits to select a seemly pollinating time.

Mr Cui

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