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S67 The King of Pearly Veins $100

China Clivia  Mr Cui [Font Size 16 14 12]
It is my top top top clivia, also named Mini Short Leaf of pearly Veins.

It has won so many prizes and honors for me in China. And the photos are exhibiting the most important honor, The Extraordinary Gold Medal in 2006 Shenyang Chinese Clivia exhibition.
It is the most famous clivia in China.
It possesses top leaf shape, top veins and top proportion of length to width of leaf at one time. Its flower is very very big.

It leaves are top exquisite quality, top light just as painted oil. And its veins are sunken orderly, just as singly holes. When the sunlight shine on its leaves, it look just as singly Pearly on the leaves. So I named it Pearly veins. It is my best mother plant. It is the second time it fruits now.
The followings are the photo from young to mature and some of its honors.

Now it is mature and will be flower and fruit at the first time. The following are its newest photos.

Mr Cui

S66 Super Light of Buddha $50
S69 Erect Shot Leaf of Top Veins $80