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The Important Notice before Breeding Seeds

China Clivia  Mr Cui [Font Size 16 14 12]

When you receive the parcel, you must note the following thing. They are very important.

1\ If there is very different temperature between the indoor and outdoor, please dont open the parcel immediately. It is not a good idea. For example, if the outdoor is very cold but indoor very warm, the seeds need some time ( tow to three hours) to fit the immediately slowly and gradually, not very suddenly. If you open the parcel immediately and the seeds touch the new temperature indoor suddenly. It is very likely to damage the seeds. As a rule, we use very thick both bubble-wrap and polystyrene to pack the seeds in the parcel. I do this to insulate the sudden hot or cold when its trip a long way. It is the same principle for that the outdoor is very hot and indoor is very cold too. So please must open the parcel after tow to three hours when you bring it indoor if there is very different temperature between indoor and outdoor.
2\After a long trip, there is imaginablly a little fungus in a few seeds. So no matter if there is fungus or not, it is a good idea that you sun the seeds under the sun shine to sterilize the fungus by ultraviolet radiation of sun shine. Although it is hardly fungus for our professional disposing and packing, It is a good choice to sun the seeds for a bare possibility.
3\The most important of all, you must use the correct media for chinese clivia seeds. You know, chinese clivias are all bred indoor and very different habit from other clivias in SA. So you must use the media.
About the correct media, please the the following url:
And you must scald the sawdust with boiling hot water for about 3 minutes to sterilize. Then you sun the sawdust under sun shine to sterilize and dry. After dried, you can breed the seeds.
Please dont use any soil to breed the chinese seeds. It is very important. I know, in SA or other place, as a rule, people use the soil to breed the seeds. Even throwing the seeds to the ground, the seeds will survie and grow very well. But all the chinese clivias are bred in warm house from young to old, so they are much effeminate. So chinese seeds will not survive if you breed it into ground or any soil. And if you breed chinese seeds into soil, not sawdust, it is very likely gotten fungus to dead.
4\If you find there is a few seeds gotten fungus at any time, please dont breed them with the other healthy seeds. It is very likely that you lose all the seeds. You need breed the fungus seeds in a separate media.

More important, please note chinese clivias are very diferent habits from other clivias. Please dont breed them outdoor or into ground. It is very likely to dead.

when the seeds grow to seedings, please transfer them to soil. But you must use the correct soil which is used for chinese clivias. You need produce the correct soil by youself. Please see the following url to study how to produce a chinese clivia soil.

Mr Cui

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