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2008 Shenyang China Clivia Festival

China Clivia  Mr Cui [Font Size 16 14 12]

The China Shenyang Clivia Festival will be hold on April 30th 2008, the festival will be sponsored by our city government.

1.Time : April 30th 2008 -----May 5th 2008 (6 days)

2. Venue:  Shenyang  China

3.Magnitude: There will be more than 400 breeder to attend, and there will be more than 3000 clivia collection to compete the honors.

Now, I welcome all friends go to my city, Shenyang, China, which is one of the biggest clivia city in China and the origin of Qing Dynasty.

If you are intereted in this show, please email me. My email is:

My beautiful hometown -- Shenyang!!

Mr Cui

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