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About the Sunshine

China Clivia  Mr Cui [Font Size 16 14 12]
A.How to put a pot of clivia under the sun shine

Please view the following tow picture, One is right, the other is wrong. You need put the pot by the right derection. So there will one leaf side obtain enough sunshine. After one or tow days, you turn the other side to the sunshine, So the other side will obtain enough sunshine. When turn the pot, please put it right direction. Then the leaves will not skew any more.

B.About variegated clivia:

Because there are less chlorophyl in variegated leaf clivia than green leaf one, the photosynthesis ability of variegated is much lower than green leaf one. If there are strong sunshine, it is very likely to burn the variegated leaves. So please put the variegated leaf clivias under the place which have less sunshine aptly.
If some leaves have already been skew, you have to redress the skew leaves. About how to redress the skew leaf, please view the following url:

Mr Cui

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