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How to Renew the Mixed Soil

China Clivia  Mr Cui [Font Size 16 14 12]
Please view the following step:

1\take out the clivia from the pot, you must be carefully and protect the root.

2\add 10% sand to the soil.

3\add 10% Bits of charcoal which is as the size of a rice per unit.

4\mix them equably. Now it is the best clivia soil.

5\add soil to the bottom of the pot. (1CM high)

6\add Castor bean or seeds of gingeli or sunflower( they need be cooked ) onto the bottom soil. You should only spread a thin surface. It is used to be fertilizer in the bottom.

7\add a 1CM soil onto the Castor bean.

8\breed the clivia into the pot by the soil.

9\water it fully firstly.

10\There are much fertilizer in the soil already, please don't added any fertilizer into it. All nutrition is much enough.

Mr Cui

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